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Although it seems quite simple, choosing a watch is never an easy task. Especially for men. If ladies go crazy about colour, shape, versatility or the number of crystals on the dial, a man adds up a lot more to the list: technical functions, the material, the watch’s durability and many more. We have put together a selection of watches with various designs and functionalities, so that you’ll find it easier to choose the accessory that fits you best.

The classy businessman

Are you a businessman who carries his suitcase to tens of meetings every day throughout the city? Well then, as your office suit demands a suitable accessory, we strongly suggest you take a look at this Skagen Titanium watch. The classic design of the dial is made of titanium, the bracelet, from a stainless-steel mesh, which makes it very resistant. Plus, its minimalist details are guaranteed to add refinement to all your office outfits.

The passionate traveller

If globetrotting is your thing or you’re just really passionate about travelling, then Montblanc Timewalker is the watch you’re looking for. Its automatic movement indicates also the time on the second-time zone. It’s a uniquely designed piece that blends the classic features with a modern design – not to mention the carefully selected and crafted materials.

The trend addict

You love turning heads and your outfits never go overlooked. Most definitely this applies to your accessories as well. Well, the endless search for that perfect statement accessory stops here: Fossil Townsman has an automatic movement, a vintage design and a transparent dial, which showcases a unique view to its complex mechanism.

The practical guy

Your outfits are versatile and your mood always dictates what you wear? You effortlessly match your office shirt with Oxford shoes but also love comfortable sport clothing? Sector 230 watch will keep up with your mood swings. It has a modern design, it is made of stainless steel and has both the chronometer and chronograph functions. In other words, no matter the situation, it will always be your right hand.

The sports junkie

Citizen Promaster Marine is the ideal partner for a dynamic man, passionate about sports. This watch is powered by an Eco-Drive mechanism, has a chronometer and is water resistant to a depth of up to 200 meters, which means you can even wear it when diving! The cherry on top? Its robust design and colourful details.

The Gadget freak

You know everything about the latest gadgets and you like to be the first one to test them? If so, then Vector Luna, a 100% Romanian smartwatch, is the accessory for you! It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and can interact with apps such as Weather, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media – lifestyle, music, sport or shopping apps.

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