Why using the cleansing brush

And if it’s really worth investing in it

If someone would ask me, I would simply say, well, I’ve tried them all: all the skincare treatments – be they in beauty centers or at home. Yes, exfoliation, hydrating, or anti-wrinkle ones – just tell me the treatment, I’ve surely tested it. And, I confess, at one point, I was almost close to believe there’s nothing else to try. Until, one day, on my desk, appeared, out of the blue, a cleansing brush. More specifically, a sonic cleansing system from Clinique.

Good, let’s get it crystal clear right from the beginning: of course I knew that brushing was trending. Of course I read about it. But from this point on to me buying my own cleansing brush, well, there still was a long way to go. Now, however, the Clinique brush is in front of me. No reason to postpone.

I get home, I remove my make-up, I read the instructions and test the wonder. It’s simple: you apply the makeup remover on your face, start the brush and use it. It takes about 15 seconds to each cheek and still 15 seconds for the T zone. And you are done! After the first use, I felt my complexion was so fresh, as if I’d have given it to drink a freshly squeezed orange juice. The next day I repeated the procedure and, then, I began to use the brush in the morning and evening, as recommended. And I love it! Did I mention there’s no need for more than one minute?

OK, but what the Clinique cleansing brush does actually? Thanks to the sonic technology, it cleanses the skin in depth, in a way that you won’t ever otherwise succeed. It clears your pores, massages your face, and gets you rid of any potential problems, such as acne. It’s the best and the most efficient way of cleansing your complexion – that actually works and provides palpable results. Dermatologists recommend it. And, now, after I’ve used it for more than a month, I recommend it myself. It’s one of those few products that really deserve investing in. My skin looks so much younger and fresher.

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