#MakeupTips: Why do you need a primer?

And how to apply it like a pro

I have to confess: I postponed long enough the moment I first started using a primer. Honestly, it was probably out of convenience – because, yes, it means another step in my beauty routine: another product on an already quite list long. But, as almost every brand has at least a primer in its range, I wanted to understand what it does, how to apply it, and to find out if the primer is only the result of a marketing strategy or if it really helps. Well, I won’t keep you much longer in suspense: I came to the conclusion that, yes, it helps. And that, yes, it’s worth including it in your beauty care routine.

What is a primer?
It’s a product that smoothens the skin. It fades the wrinkles, it confers luminosity, and, most importantly, it’s the perfect base for your foundation – the latter settles much better and holds up longer. To make a comparison, the primer is a sort of insurance for your make-up. The final result will look fresh for much longer.

How do you apply it?
Well, after the hydrating cream and before the foundation. It’s recommended to wait one minute after using the cream and one more minute after you apply the primer. Then, just do everything as usual. The only difference is that your foundation adheres better, and easier. And, as I said above, it lasts longer.

My opinion
I’ll be honest with you: I don’t use a primer on a daily basis. I usually apply it when I go out or at a party. And sometimes when I’m not wearing make-up at all. Why? Because I like the result: the skin looks fresher, less fatigued, and even the finest wrinkles get dimmed. Even if I don’t want to wear make-up for a day or I don’t have the time for it, the primer does this little miracle for my complexion: it simply makes it look younger. And that’s why I say that it’s worth trying it, especially since it means only one or two extra minutes in your beauty routine.

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