When is the best time to buy an airline ticket

A few tricks that will save you time and money

It happened to you, too – I am sure–, to want to go on vacation and to pay a ton of money on the plane tickets: more specifically, way above the average. It’s really annoying, and all your plans get messed up. Sometimes, a plane ticket to Europe can cost the same as one to Asia. Well, there are a few tricks that can help you avoid these financially uninspired situations. I know that all of the conditions from below may not always be fulfilled; yet when you can, it really pays off to take them into account.

You’ll say you know this already 🙂
But a kind reminder is always welcome: you need to plan your trip ahead of time. The earlier, the better. You can’t always do it, but it helps: the more a flight date gets closer, the greater chances the ticket prices will go up. It’s not a generally accepted rule, but it’s among the most common situations.

Subscribe to the airlines’ newsletters
Even if sometimes it’s annoying to receive dozens of e-mails per day, with all sorts of deals. Yes, it’s frustrating – but a lesser degree when you are really interested in the offers in question! Airlines frequently have promotions on various routes. And that is the perfect moment to buy your plane ticket. Don’t delay too much your decision; promotions take place for a limited timeframe, and the low priced tickets are sold quickly.

Use a search engine
For example, Skyscanner or Momondo are search engines that perform various combinations gathered from different airlines, even the low cost ones. You’ll discover, this way, better options or more convenient routes. In addition, they have a lot of options: they can show you which are the days when you have the lowest rates, or they can narrow down your hunt: they’ll select for you to view only the flight options with or without a stopover. And if you don’t know where to go, you also have the opportunity to select only the departure city. No matter the destination – there will be suggested various options, starting with the ones with the most affordable prices.

Check also the official website of the flight company
When you have found a flight through a search engine and its price seems convenient to you, go also on the website of the company that carries out the flight. Sometimes there are chances to find them at even better prices.

Open an incognito window in your browser
Why? Because, sometimes, due to cookies or your history of frequent searches for a particular destination, it’s possible that your search will end up only with the higher priced flights. Flight companies and search engines vehemently deny it, saying this never happens. However, considering that it will take only a few minutes of your time, it’s worth the effort.

Have a pleasant holiday!

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