When and why to use a serum

And which are those who provide sensational results

Every time my friends pay me a visit, they ask me – and test – the new cosmetic products that they find in my beauty closet. Serum, tells me one of them. I barely got used with the classic routine – cleansing, toning, hydration –, that now I also have to use serum. Why? And what does it do exactly?

Well, the serum is really an innovation in skin care. Unlike the face cream, it has a soluble base, which allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin very quickly, and not rest on the surface. This way, the skin is immediately nourished with a high concentration of active ingredients that target specific problems, such as wrinkles. These two qualities – its penetration speed and its concentration – make it really special and effective.

OK, but how to use it?

Nothing simpler. Apply it in the morning and evening, on a perfectly clean skin. It’s not necessary to use a large quantity; an amount the size of a green pea grain in your palm is enough. Then, gently massage the skin and you’re going to see how the serum vanishes as if by magic. What’s next? Just as always: use the face cream and, if you want, make-up.

Good, now it all comes down to choosing the right serum for you, especially since there are plenty of products on the market. It’s important to read what benefit brings each of them and choose the one that your skin needs: for example, maybe you want it to fight against skin wrinkles or a tarnished complexion. Then, you can choose the one that can be applied both in the morning and evening, or a special one for night, which acts during sleep. One thing is clear: since I introduced the serum in my daily routine care, I can really see the difference.

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