What’s your nude?

Or how to choose the foundation that mimics your skin

To decide on a new foundation can be a headache. It’s simple only when you want to buy one that you’ve already tried – you know exactly the brand and the shade you need, and, best of all, you can order it online, no need to go shopping and waste precious time. Yet, when you’re in the mood for something new, well, things can become a little tricky.

Should it have a great or a medium coverage? And the pondering goes on: a matte product or one that confers luminosity? Liquid or compact? Well, usually, searching for the perfect foundation involves a morning spent wandering the shops, testing as many products as possible – try them on, then wipe them off your face and then back to square one.

But, just hold on for a sec. It really doesn’t have to be so complicated. Make-up artists tell us we shouldn’t try the foundation on the face. It’s easier than that and it sure makes sense: apply just a bit on your décolletage or on the neck. Why, you wonder? Well, because the face and the décolletage must have the same color. After that, the decision becomes a piece of cake: if the shade of the foundation mimics your skin, bingo, that’s what you need.

And one more thing: don’t forget that in the summertime, when you get tanned, you definitely need to pick a darker foundation. The spring and winter shades are much, much too light. And if you’ve used a self-tanning body spray, the above rule still stands: you need a darker foundation, so there’ll be no distinction whatsoever between your face and your décolletage.

And one last advice, maybe the most important I got from the make-up artists: your foundation must be invisible. If you can see it’s there, it comes down to two common mistakes: you either applied too much, or the shade is just not right.

Choose well, and have a nice shopping day!

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