What’s the perfect shade of lipstick…

... that you can, at any time, use, whether you’re going at the office or at a party

I met up with a friend in town, at a coffee (to be read: a glass of wine). We talked about everything, just like girls do, from holidays to boyfriends, from quick cake recipes to our recently acquired sandals. And we ended up, out of all this chatter, well, to cosmetics. More specifically, to lipstick. Well, she tells me, that for a long time now, she uses the same lipstick, in the same hue: she has a soft spot for a sweet pink shade from Estee Lauder: Powerful. She wears it at the office, while in town, while shopping, at parties or at family reunions. She wore it, of course, the very evening when we met.

I, however, I’m at the opposite end: I have all the lipstick colors, from all the different brands. From nude and light pink, to coral, fuchsia, red or burgundy. I choose the shade in the morning, depending on my mood, and without thinking too much: I simply reach for the lipstick shelf and I know exactly what I’d like for the day. And, also, I no longer respect any rules: once I wore red lipstick at 9 a.m., in a meeting with my boss (yes, it was a meeting I wasn’t in the mood for!) and a very flashy pink the other day, when as I wasn’t in any rush as, I remember distinctively, I took the subway for a change.

Well, my friend and I, we realized that evening, that we have very different habits: she, very faithful to a single lipstick, me, always looking for something new. And that hasn’t changed in the meantime – yet, from that point on, I stopped looking for a special shade of lipstick. On the contrary: I became interested in those tones that fit almost any complexion. The lipsticks that can become someone’s signature and which – just as my friend does – you can pretty much wear almost in any context. The coolest red, the sweetest pink, the most elegant nude or the most audacious burgundy – find them all below, in my selection.

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