What’s the difference between BB and CC creams?

And what benefits each one brings?

Every time you walk into a cosmetic shop you see, alongside foundation products, the BB and CC creams. Well, the good news is the latter – the BB and CC creams – were created to replace part of our daily care routine products, and simplify the whole process. Using them, you won’t need a primer, a concealer, or a foundation anymore. And, if you don’t have a sensitive skin, they can even substitute the face cream, due to their efficient hydration properties. But what is the difference between a BB and a CC cream? And which one is suitable for your skin? We’ll tell you all about it, just read below.


BB cream

What is it?
The two initials, BB, are short for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”. The BB cream is among the most beloved makeup products, and depending on each brand, it can have lots of benefits. It successfully replaces the foundation, the primer, the concealer and the hydrating cream and, in most cases, it also contains solar protection filter.

How does it act
Out of the many actions that they can have, the BB cream evens your skin, conferring it a uniform color. It also hydrates, protects against the ultraviolet rays and reflects the light, making your skin radiate.

How to use it
It can be used instead of a primer or foundation. Apply the BB cream with a foundation brush, with a special sponge or with your fingertips. A thin layer is just enough!

How is it different from the CC cream
The BB cream usually has a lighter formula, thus providing a more natural coverage. That’s why it’s particularly appropriate for the women with younger complexions that don’t fancy a strong makeup or don’t really need it.



CC cream

What is it?
The initials – CC – come from “correction color. This is the main benefit that a CC cream brings, actually. Also, some products contain vitamins, usually C and E.

How does it act
It has all the benefits that a BB cream is offering, but it was created especially to even the skin’s color – practically, it corrects the darker or lighter areas of the skin, also hiding any red spots. Most CC creams also contain solar filter protection.

How to use it
Apply it just as you would apply your foundation or a BB cream – with a brush, sponge, or with your fingers. Use a CC cream if your complexion is prone to acne, if your skin is dull, you have black spots or redness.

How it differs from the BB creams?
It treats the skin’s problems mentioned above. Yet the CC creams are suitable for women with a mature complexion, usually women between 30 and 40.

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