What we love: statement rings

It doesn’t have to be an engagement ring to draw attention

I’ve heard “Oh my God, what’s that on your finger?” so many times in the office that I eventually stopped thinking people are getting married every single day. I also realized that a great ring can sometimes overshadow an engagement one. Mostly because women are more interested in your outfit than in your love life. So, if you think your fingers deserve special attention even when you’re not planning to tie the knot, or if you already did (congratulations!), take a look at these following beauties.

Swarovski-ring-Calista 1


Urban princess

When I first saw this ring, I was speechless. It’s like a royal delight that gets me excited even more than a box of chocolates at midnight. When I wear it I tend to lose my head a little bit. I was once caught looking at it and mumbling with that stupid voice you have when playing with puppies: “Who’s a pretty princess? I’m a pretty princess”. Don’t judge. Long story short, I love it.


Geometry of success

This Michael Kors ring would be the perfect killer deal in a business meeting. First and foremost it states that I’m a strong, independent woman with a successful career (which in fact I am), but also a stylish lady with a good taste in fashion. It’s basically the perfect ring to make a fine statement. And if you don’t believe in that, you might as well take it for its amazing geometry. The geometry of love.


Emporio-Armani-ring 1


Quantum styling

From the first moment I laid eyes on it, I thought it might as well be a teleportation device, so I bought it immediately. “Take me to Paris”, I said, and you might find it hard to believe, bu, well, it didn’t happen. However, I am a grown-up so I was ready for this outcome. It didn’t take me to Paris, but it did give my look a whole new dimension. Maybe because it’s so high-tech, I like to call it “the quantum ring”.


Sartorial ring

It’s funny we were talking about engagement rings, when this one looks very much like a wedding ring. But it’s not. Now, funny business aside, what I really love about this piece is that it seems to be sewn with fine silver threads. A bit masculine and daring, it’s a wonderful choice for a casual outfit that still stands out.


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