You bought a plane ticket but the flight is one month away. What will you do in the meantime?

Here’s a tip: your holiday has already begun

You made your plan for the holiday, the hotel reservation is confirmed, the travel insurance is on your desk and the plane ticket in your inbox. OK, now what?

You keep on daydreaming at the office about your vacation, you count the days, hours, minutes until your departure. You search for restaurants, bars and other cool activities to do in your destination city. But that will take no more than 2 days. What about the other 28 to go?

We’ll share a secret: your holiday has already begun. Yep, from the very same moment you received your flight reservation in your inbox.

How come?

Well, do you know anyone who can enjoy Duty Free shopping a) before the flight date and b) without even being in the airport?

You. You can do this right now.

And that’s because your plane ticket grants you instant access to unlimited Duty Free shopping on, from the moment you bought the plane ticket until the day of your flight.

More precisely, in your case…

You don’t need to wait another 28 days to buy your favorite fragrance, that skincare set, spirits or sunglsses from the airport. You can do it right now, from your home, office or pool. On your laptop, phone or tablet. Easy, relaxed, without all the hurry or the stress before your flight.

How to order online?

Take out the plane ticket from your inbox and validate it on, only after creating a personal account. Read our easy validation guide and if you get stuck at any point, just leave us an online message, on facebook or our e-mail address and we’ll give you a hand ASAP.

And if you’re worried about delivery…

Don’t. You will receive your order at any address in Romania, in no longer than 3 working days. And the best part is that delivery is free of charge for any order over 100 lei and at EasyBOX, no matter of value, anywhere in Romania. Yes, that means you can enjoy any Duty Free product 25 days before your flight date. Isn’t it awesome?

Now, after we’ve shared our secrets with you, allow us to rephrase our question. You have a plane ticket but the flight is one month away. How many friends will beg you to order some Duty Free products for them?


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