What jewelry to wear with your office attire?

Yeah, we’ve already thought you wouldn’t want to wear a dull outfit

I don’t know how your job is – what it entails. Maybe you have a sober dress code at the office, and, thus, wear a shirt and jacket every day. Or maybe the whole outfit situation is not that imperious. Perhaps you work in a creative environment where you can wear torn jeans and fishnet stockings. However, no matter how permissive the workplace might be, there are still moments when you need a business attire – that doesn’t mean it has to be a banal or, even worse, boring one. Fortunately, jewelry can turn a prosaic, mundane outfit, made out of a simple shirt and creased pants, into a really chic look.

Okay, how to start, then? You have several options. You already know that pearls are a perfect choice every time you want to create a refined look. For business meetings, wear small pearl earrings, possibly adding a single pearl pendant. If, on the other hand, you crave for a pearl necklace, then add to it only delicate jewelry – very small earrings or a fine bracelet.

Or, why not, a single pearl ring. The point is not to wear them all at once, but to pick one jewel – the one that really stands out and makes you shine. For all the rest, opt for those pieces that just add small accents. If you like to wear oversized jewelry, go for a cuff, maybe one with shining crystals. It will be the focal point of your look, without seeming like an extravaganza. It’ll look great both with a shirt or a sleeveless blouse. Add delicate crystal earrings.

As for necklaces: a delicate one, with a small-sized pendant, is the best option for a formal meeting. Then again, you have plenty of options to choose from, a wide variety of models and shapes: from those pieces with glowing crystal and pearl insertions to those with funny models. Cause even if you’re at the office, even if you’re having an essential meeting, humor – in the right dosage – is always good.

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