What is there to do in Otopeni Airport if you got there too soon

We have some ideas, but make sure you don’t miss your plane

It happened to all of us. We rushed to the airport as soon as possible, because the previous time we almost missed our plane due to those endless passport control lines. Except that this time everything went so smooth that we ended at the boarding gate with one and a half hours before take-off. Of course, you can read a magazine or a book or see what your friends instagrammed lately. But for all of those who are tired of doing this, we have some better ideas.


Enjoy a drink at the Tasting Bar

If your flight is between 9 am and 6 pm, then you have all the reasons to stop at our Tasting Bar and sit yourself comfortably. Our bartender will spoil you with the month’s specials and will prepare a cocktail so delicious that it will spark up your appetite for fun! Everything is on the house, of course. And if you’re passionate about rare drinks, trust us, you’ll find out some amazing things from our staff.


Talk to a Beauty Adviser

More than once the store personnel offered to help and you refused politely. Maybe because you didn’t want to buy something in particular, but only to do some window shopping. Next time just say yes! Our consultants are more than happy to guide you even if you decide not to buy anything in the end. This way you can find out a lot of useful and interesting information. Like what is the perfume that suits you best. Yes, our beauty advisers can help you find your signature scent!


Discover the exclusive perfumes

Step inside OBSENTUM, the first niche boutique opened inside an airport, and discover the world of exclusive perfumery. Explore some of the most luxurious olfactory creations signed by Amouage, Tiziana Terenzi, Tom Ford, Olfactive Studio, Jul et Mad, Laurent Mazzone and so many others. Delight yourself with intense, seductive scents, that linger on your skin long after you arrive at your destination.

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