What drinks do you serve your guests before dinner

Or when and how to give them an “aperitif”

You called a few friends over – it’ll be a quiet evening, you’ll eat together and you’ll recount as many stories as you can imagine. But, before dinner, a drink would be just perfect. But which ones?

Usually, by appetizer, we mean a drink with at least 15% alcohol. The French and Italians are those who are usually fond of this, but it ‘s often met at Greeks or Americans. They can be various drinks depending on taste and culture.




It’s a white wine or red harmonized ones with various plants. It can be, simply, served as an appetizer if it’s kept cold. Or, as if it’s often drank now, in cocktails, – probably a Martini or a Manhattan.



It may be served in many ways – from the simplest option, Campari soda (two parts of mineral water, one part Campari) up to cocktails. The most suitable for an evening that is barely starting are Campari Orange (with orange juice) or the classical Negroni, which is, yet, stronger: it also contains gin and vermouth.



Sure, in the variety that you already know and that everyone loves: Aperol spritz – prosecco, Aperol and a little bit of mineral water. The bitter orange aroma seduces anyone! Moreover, it’s a light, perfumed drink, ideal for the beginning of an evening that won’t end anytime soon.

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