What accessories should you invest in

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I’m connected to all that’s new in fashion. Trends, shows, catwalks or even a spectacular transfer of a designer from one brand to another. Well, it’s the nature of my job, so I pretty much know everything that happens. Nothing gets passed me. Yet no, it’s not merely a job description – I really enjoy it. I’ve never been to Paris, for example, without spending a few good hours in the Lafayette Galeries or (sometimes) in Le Bon Marche. How could I miss to see up close all the luxury brands’ creations? But, however, I have to admit that sometimes the new trends are just baffling and mind blowing even for me. They come and go along with the seasons, but, come to think of it – yes, they do have a sense. But that doesn’t mean that, twice a year, I give away everything I bought in the previous season and pack my wardrobe just with the new pieces. It would cost a fortune and, in addition, there are things that really deserve to be worn for more than a season. The same goes for the accessories. There are some true classics, symbols of elegance that you can wear for years on end. Some of them may even be left as legacy – for example, a pair of glasses, a scarf or a vintage bag.

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The sunglasses

The Aviator model from Ray-Ban has made history – the very sunglasses I’ve seen in movies, in magazines, in the old and new photographs. Pick a unisex pair: you’ll wear it every summer.


The bag

What model would you like you to wear almost every day? Well, answer this question, and you’ll know what bag you’ll for carry for seasons in a row. Still, when you buy it, look at the details: good quality leather and impeccable finishes are musts. One of the most famous brands for all of the above is Furla – you just can’t go wrong with it.

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The fountain pen

Just choose a Montblanc, a brand recognized worldwide for writing instruments. Whether it’s a classic model or a rare, limited edition, the Montblanc fountain pen will be appreciated by the connoisseurs over decades – so, it’s a worthwhile investment, trust me.


The scarf

With or without a print, the most important thing is to acquire a scarf made out of the best fabrics. This is the first sign that it will stand the test of time. Also, consider the brand that created it – I would go for Armani Jeans, because it’s synonymous with quality and it surely has a story to tell.

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