Vanilla: the secret ingredient of seduction

Top 5 fragrances with sex-appeal

Call what you want: sex-appeal, mystery, attitude. Some perfumes just have that je ne sais quoi that makes them attractive, seductive, irresistible. We wouldn’t bet our life on it, but we think this little something might be vanilla. And even if we’re wrong, things won’t change much. The following 5 fragrance are as sexy and mysterious as they always were.


Addicted to black  

Tom Ford Noir. A perfume that captures the fascinating paradox of the modern woman: extravagant and sensual at the same time. Complex, mysterious and lingering, Tom Ford Noir is a fragrance you recognize from the first whiff, a scent you’ll never forget. Main notes: orange, rose, vanilla.


The ONE and only

D&G The One is not for anyone. It’s a statement perfume for a woman with strong personality, a woman that knows how to wear it. Its floriental composition opens with fruity notes that melt down to a sensual base of warm vanilla. Main notes: tangerine, jasmine, vanilla.


Sweet temptation

Ernest Beau – creator of Chanel No.5 – amazed by Jacques Guerlain’s extravaganza in creating the original Shalimar, said: “”If I had used so much vanilla, I would have made only a crème anglaise, whereas Jacques Guerlain creates a Shalimar!” Now imagine the scent of the new soufflé de parfum. Truly delicious! Main notes: lemon, orange blossom, vanilla.


Irresistible life

Live Irresistible Eau Delicieuse is a perfume for a woman who makes her life a playground. A woman who breaks free from conventions and lives life by her own rules. The scent is a unique blend of madelaine and caramel glazed rose, a delicious food inspired mix. Now tell us you don’t want to feel it on your skin as soon as possible. Main notes: cerries, orange blossom, vanilla, almonds.


Undercover angel

We know it’s a cliche, we know it’s been said a thousand times, but we just cannot help saying it again. Angel is a masterpiece. A pioneer in the gourmand category, one of the most sought after classics, an icon, a statement. Its femininity and power of seduction are hidden behind an innocent name. Nonetheless, Angel is a devilish scent, it can make a man go crazy…about you. Main notes: bergamot, pralines, vanilla.

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