Types of dates, kind of guys and what to wear

A first date essential guide.

Whether you are 18, 35 or 50, a first date will always get you nervous. Ok, maybe you don’t have a flock of butterflies in your stomach, but some sort of anxiety is surely taking over your body. Because you don’t know where he’s taking you, therefore you have no idea how to dress or make-up. In addition, the guy is pretty awesome and you really want this to work out. Even if you don’t quite know him, you must have figured him out a bit. And if you can tell what type of guy he is you might also know what type of outfit you should choose.



The romantic dude might take you…

… somewhere in the middle of nature. Like on a lake, on a boat trip, where the air would mess with your hair and the waves would unbalance you to the point that the amazing kiss comes totally unexpected and sticks forever in your mind. Something like The Notebook, because he’s that kind of guy.



What you should wear:

A floral dress, slightly above the knees, your hair loose wrapped in a gorgeous little hairband, comfortable flats and a trendy mini bag.


The successful businessman might take you…

… to a sophisticated restaurant. Somewhere on a rooftop maybe, in a private lounge, nevertheless to a place not everyone has access to. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tifanny’s.

What you should wear:

Speaking of Audrey Hepburn – that would be a good inspiration for your exquisite outfit. A fancy hair updo, some sleek jewelry that shows sophistication and grace, a simple yet stunning dress, stiletto heels, clutch.  




The adventurous guy might take you…

On an airplane, parachuting, paragliding, rock climbing. Well, in this case I have no advice for you but to keep your screaming to a bearable volume. You would’t wanna scare him off.

What you should wear:

Awesome sneakers, that’s for sure. Tight leggings and a loose blouse. Do something cute with your hair: an effortless updo with some chic braids. And be strong – you can do it!

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