Escapade in Hawaii

A tropical look in bold colors: orange, turquoise or green

For years and years now we have learnt about discretion: less is more, a principle that remains valid. And, yet, sometimes more doesn’t necessarily mean too much. And it’s not wrong, either. Not at all!

An example is the so en vogue tropical trend that we can see in make-up, hairstyle, accessories or outfits. I saw it on the catwalk and fell in love with it on the spot: a glorious explosion of color and pure pigments. Exotic looks that infuse an instant dose of optimism.

OK, but what’s the most spectacular tropical make-up on the catwalk? Surely, the one proposed by Alexis Mabille: a combination of green and turquoise eye shadows that splendidly flatters the brown eyes. The green and blue eyes will best be complimented by the shades of orange I’ve seen in Stella Jean make-up. And if you want to highlight your lips, and not the eyelids, choose again orange, just as in the Kenzo show.

But, like I said, the tropical trend is not just about make-up. It’s also about hairstyle – loose or lightly tight curls – but, most of all, about hair accessories. Models on the catwalk wearing scarfs with floral prints (as in Dolce & Gabbana), having flowers in their hair (like in Alexis Mabille) and tropical print dresses, of course (as I have seen at Anna Sui). An exotic holiday air, which I can’t wait to try out.

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