Travel diary with Nicholas Catianis Jr: Israel

"I would go back to Tel Aviv for that amazing beach."

When I asked you about a place you’ve visited, a place you’d like to talk about, you said Israel.

Because it was a true experience, from all points of view. I myself took it as a self-discovery trip. It was great, I got to discover another culture. I was in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa. And the Dead Sea is, simply, woooow!



What did you know about Israel before going there?

Well, historically, religiously I knew quite a lot. I didn’t know much about the food – that I found out when I got there. I also didn’t know it is an a expensive country. Just as I didn’t know that along the desert highway there are lightning pillars. In the desert…

Did you make any plans before going in Israel?

I didn’t make any plans, I just let myself carried away.

What were the places you liked the most and you’d recommend to your friends planning a trip to Israel?

Tel Aviv! The whole town is beautiful. Okay, it’s an industrial city, but you get to see so many young people, people doing sports; the best part, though, is the beach and that incredible water. People hang out on the beach till morning! It’s very hot, it depends on the time you’re there!

How about the places you didn’t quite like?

Certain restaurants, maybe, but I don’t recall their names now.

Would you return to Israel?

I would go back to Tel Aviv for that beach and that incredible water! And for the hummus!

How about the people?

They seemed to me rather cold, distant.

How was the food?

They don’t have an exceptional traditional cuisine, yet, by simply being in the Middle East, you can find all sorts of amazing things to eat!

What did you buy from Israel?

Apart from some souvenirs, quite nothing.

Tell us about a happening, a conversation, or even about a place you couldn’t forget from your vacation there.

The seafront of Tel Aviv’s beach. I can still see that sunset from those very comfortable wooden benches, I hear the music from the beach, I remember the finest sand I’ve ever stepped on!

Is there a place you traveled to, while filming, and that stayed in your soul?

Domazlice, in the Czech Republic, really stuck to my heart. Some kind of Sighisoara, but more bohemian. An extremely small town, where no one spoke English. I’d love to go back there, as the city’s musicality stayed in my heart. Plus, it had something extremely cinematic about it.

How about a movie that unfolds in a certain place that – after seeing the film – you wanted to explore and visit? Tell us in a few words.

It’s an Anthony Hopkins movie: “The World’s Fastest Indian”. The action is set somewhere in America where there’s white sand, which went on and on to infinity. I’d love to get there!

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