Top 5 – Small accessories you need when you travel

So you can keep your money and your papers in order

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Just admit it: the most stressful thing that can happen to you on a trip is not finding your card or passport. Okay, most of the times you find them in a few minutes. But a few minutes can seem an eternity when you’re at the airport and you can’t find your ID’s. Or just think about asking for the bill at the restaurant, on vacation, and having no idea where on earth your card might be. Yes, it happened to all of us! That’s why, every time I go on vacation, I try to organize these important things as best as possible, and, consequently, get rid of any unwelcome stress. Here are the accessories that can help you.



The wallet for her

There’s no question of you going on vacation without your wallet. And, naturally, if you have a choice, you’re going to opt for one which is not just useful, but one you also like. The one from Furla, adorned with butterflies and flowers, is a perfect choice: you can organize your bills without having to bend them, and you also have enough room for your cards.


The wallet for him

It’s classic, elegant, and made out of navy blue leather: the wallet from Piquadro – a brand famous for its products. The model is suitable both for formal and smart casual outfits. It has plenty of room for bills and cards, so you’ll find all easily, at any time.




For coins

Oh, how many times have I crammed the coins in my wallet! Too many! Not to mention the times when I get lots of cents and strive to make them room in my wallet, and, afterwards, barely manage to close it. That’s why, especially on trips, I prefer to take with me a wallet with coin pocket, like the one from Piquadro. It’s simply ideal: whenever I need to buy a subway ticket, I find the coins right away.


For documents

Ah, almost forgot: my greatest fear is not to lose my passport. I commonly used to put it in a handbag or backpack pocket, but somehow, at times, it happened not to find it immediately when I needed it. So I decided my ID’s have to stay in their own place. And the best place is a Piquadro special accessory for papers and documents – one with a zipper, so they won’t ever, accidentally, fall through the bag and get lost in the airport.



MONTBLANC Extreme Pocket


For cards

If you don’t have only one card (most likely!), but more, then you need a cardholder. This way you know exactly where each one’s place is, and you’ll never panic again over the subject. Choose the elegant cardholder from Montblanc – it’s made out of top-quality, braided black leather stripes, it has a timeless classical design and, moreover, it’s very thin – you can even wear it in your pocket jacket.

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