Top 5 products for eye care

That really work

You’ve heard countless times that you must take great care of the sensitive skin around the eyes. Not that it would be good, not that it would be recommended, but, YES, because it really must. Because indeed, the skin around your eyes is the most delicate part, it dries the easiest and, thus, here the first wrinkles appear. In addition, it’s not at all complicated to hydrate this area: it takes just a minute and there are various cosmetic products for various needs with the latest technology. Below are five of them, which really have visible effects.


The make-up remover

The classical face cleaning products can irritate the eyes. That is why it is recommended to use a specially designed eye cleanser, which has a gentle formula. Try the one from Rituals, with lotus flower and rice oil – it removes immediately the eye shadow and mascara without having to insist at all.


The serum

You know already that on any face serum it is mentioned: avoid the eye area. But, fortunately, Genifique Advanced Eye from Lancome was invented. It is a serum special for the eyes, which should be applied in the morning and evening. It visibly reduces the wrinkles and the fine lines, as well as fighting against ageing and combating the signs of fatigue. After using the serum, just apply a special eye cream.


The highlighter

Estee Lauder created the Revitalizing Supreme Eye Gel – a skin care product that has a proven anti wrinkle action. And not only: it revitalizes the skin around the eyes and gives a highlighting effect. It works even when you didn’t sleep enough: keep it in the fridge. In this way, the cold nozzle in combination with the product’s formula will make the dark circles disappear as if by magic.


The cream

Benefiance Anti Wrinkle Eye from Shiseido is a prodigy-product, especially if the first wrinkles have already started to appear around your eyes. This cream smooth out wrinkles and blemishes spots, prevents the emergence of new ones, but also has an intense moisturizing effect, extremely necessary in any women’s beauty routine.


The mask

Once a week, give an extra attention to your eyes. Even if you use cream and serum on a daily basis, a special mask for the eyes will do wonders. We recommend Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Eye Mask from Estee Lauder, from the famous and most-awarded Advanced Night range. Apply it in the evening and do not wash the excess product – let the extra cream to flatter

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