TOP 5: Irresistible blushes

You won’t know which one to choose!

When I was a child, blush meant, without a doubt, a small box in which was hidden a compact texture. Most often, it was pink or coral. And, yes, I very much liked to try it – of course, I would carefully hide this, because my mom didn’t allow it. She kept telling me that make-up isn’t for kids and, quite frankly, I never did understand that rule. But back to the blush, which is now available in so many formulas that you almost don’t even know which one to choose. It can be liquid or cream, it can have multiple nuances to mix… Test them. Only so you can find out what’s best for you.


Cushion Blush Subtil, Lancome

The packaging makes you think of the classic compact blush. But, when you’ll open Cushion Blush Subtil, you’ll have a little, pleasant surprise: the formula is liquid and can be easily applied, using a sponge. The result is natural, but you can intensify the hue depending on how much product you are applying.


LA Lights Blush and Highlights Palette, Smashbox

It contains two shades of blush, which you can use alternatively, depending on the look you want to create: subtle or more accentuated. And, in addition, LA Lights Blush and Highlights Palette has also a highlighter. If you use only the latter, you achieve a gentle make-up. Applied over the blush, it confers a satin, shiny effect.


7 Lights Powder Illuminator, Shiseido

It’s a powder. Nope, it’s an illuminator. Oh no, it’s a blush. OK, then, so what is it? It’s 7 Lights Powder Illuminator, a wonder product from Shiseido, which can be used in several ways: for fixing your make-up, and instead of a highlighter, or instead of a blush. You just have to play with the seven nuances, and you can easily create a different look every day!


La Petite Robe Noir Lipcheek, Guerlain

Again, a single product, more ways to use it. La Petite Robe Noir Lipcheek was created, as the name entails, for both lips and cheeks. It has a gel formula and – don’t worry! – a very strong shade of pink. However, the fluorescent pink turns into an extremely subtle color once it touches your skin or lips.


Blush Volupte de la Yves Saint Laurent

Finally, a compact blush in a stylish box! Yet even the elegant Blush Volupte comes with a little surprise: it contains two nuances. You can use them separately or you can combine them to get a new color. The textures are matte, and look amazing on your complexion: no one will know whether if you’re wearing make-up or you are simply just blushing!

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