Top 5 hydrating creams

Smooth, soft and happy skin guaranteed. What else can you wish for?



Lancome Hydra Zen

The three words you must keep in mind when it comes to Hydra Zen: smoothing, moisturizing, and softening. This range is designed for women who know that a demanding lifestyle can be extremely stressful for the skin. Lancome Hydra Zen gel is based on an exclusive plant complex, well-known for its regenerating powers. It instantly refreshes the skin and offers intense hydration for up to 12 hours.


Estee Lauder Hydrationist

Hydrationist really takes moisture to the next level. It’s rich and smooth – without feeling thick on your face – giving dry “thirsty” skin a deep down feeling of well-being that lasts. The whole formula is about keeping your skin looking younger, brighter, healthier. With continued use, your skin’s moisture barrier is strengthened by 50% due to the exclusive Sustainable Moisture Complex.




Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion

Here’s a lightweight, oil-free hydrator with skin-strengthening ingredients that restores the youthful glow of your skin. The fast-absorbing formula optimizes the skin’s natural protection barrier and strictly controls sebum production, reducing breakouts, redness and irritation. Your face looks more even, silky smooth and vibrant.


Clarins Hydraquench

A silky soft cream with botanical extracts that sooths and calms your skin, smoothing the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles. Just like the entire HydraQuench line, this cream aims to provide your skin with the necessary supply of hydration to keep it youthful looking and refreshed. The light formula also comes up with a broad spectrum sun protection.




Biotherm Aquasource

Concentrated in Biotherm’s magic ingredient, Life Plankton, Aquasource offers your skin both deep hydration and a long-lasting effect. How come? It is said that a single Aquasource jar is the equivalent of 500 hours hydration (your skin will be hydratated up to 48 hours after application). Aquasource has a light gel texture that gets five layers deep into the skin.

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