Top 5 gifts ideas for March

Or what would women enjoy to receive at the beginning of the spring

Jewelry, bags, sunglasses? The answer is: Yes! Accessories make us happy every single time, especially if they are stylish and of impeccable quality. I chose five of the ones we crave the most: the ones we’d love to be seen and admired on the 1st or 8th of March:


An exotic print bag

I never would have thought that, once, I’d say I want a bag with… parrots. That’s until I saw it in Furla’s latest collection. It is part of the Metropolis line, it’s the fab mini model, and it has an amazing print: it makes me think of exotic vacations – parrots, flowers and leaves in delightful shades of blue, green, coral and yellow.


The shiny watch

You simply can’t take your eyes off it! The Crystalline Pure watch from Swarovski is a perfect gift for the women who embrace an opulent look, for those who love to glow. It’s a timepiece that seduces you instantly through the surprising contrast between the metallic gold and the hundreds of black crystals that shine all the time.


The pearl necklace

This is the jewel that all women who appreciate elegance will love: a pearl necklace from Misaki. In the midst of the delicate pearls, one – adorned with clear crystals – magically detaches itself from all the rest. It’s a timeless jewel, very refined, which can be worn to an evening dress, but also with a pair of jeans and a shirt.


A heart of crystals

The Swarovski jewels are in the very top of our preferences: they have a modern design, and the crystals have this unique, fabulous glow that captures us on the spot! In March, offer a set consisting of two delicate necklaces: one with a heart of red crystals, the other with a pendant – embellished with clear crystals – in the middle of which lies a heart-shape cut. It’s all about love!


The sunglasses

If you say Prada, we’ll say: Yes! It’s simple: it’s a legendary brand, known for its quality and design. How could we not like it? Look at the sunglasses in the image: shades of gold and coffee-brown that blend discreetly, and, the cherry on the top, an absolutely gorgeous design. They are just lovely for a casual-chic outfit!

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