Top 5 fragrances to wear this spring

That will instantly get you in the new season’s mood

It’s not only your wardrobe that’s about to change soon, but also your perfume collection. Just leave behind the winter scents with their lingering, sensual trails and turn to the fresh, lightweight spring fragrances that perfectly mark the nature’s renaissance.



Hermes Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate

What a launch and what a story! Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate is the first fragrance created by the new Hermes nose: Christine Nagel. If her name doesn’t ring a bell yet, let us remind you that she is the perfumer who created some of the most iconic fragrances: Miss Dior Cherie, Dolce&Gabbana The One, Giorgio Armani Si and so many others. This new Hermes Cologne is, as expected, another piece of art.


Moschino Fresh Couture

Wait. What? Is this a… window cleaner? Moschino raises the bar with Fresh Couture, showing that everything, literally everything, can go into fashion. With creativity bursting all over, only a few mentioned the smell of the fragrance, which is fresh, invigorating and truly beautiful. It’s totally worth a shot this season.




Gucci Guilty Eau

This spring you can switch your classical Gucci Guilty for the new version – Gucci Guilty Eau. This fragrance is more romantic and subtle, mixing aquatic notes with lilac and hints of wild strawberry. Cool and refreshing, but nevertheless sexy, Guilty Eau stays true to its nature, remaining a passionate scent for the seductive women.


Calvin Klein CK 2

CK2 might turn your world upside down: at least that’s what the bottle seems to say. A truly urban fragrance, inspired by city life, CK2 reveals an interesting composition with a revitalizing scent. If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, you should know that one of its ingredients is wasabi. But don’t worry, you’re not gonna smell like sushi. You’re gonna smell like spring!




Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba

Oh la la, ce aparitie exotica! Uita de primavara in oras si hai sa fugim pe o insula pustie. Urmand acelasi concept creativ, Bvlgari dezvaluie Omnia Paraiba, un parfum inspirat de o rara piatra pretioasa, originara din Brazilia. Parfumul este o fuziune intre arome fructate si florale, cu un spirit tanar ce promite sa iti schimbe mood-ul instantaneu. OK, Bvlgari, ne-ai convins. Ne-am indragostit iremediabil de Paraiba.

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