Top 5 effortless make-up looks for Valentine’s Day

Or for any other evening you want to impress your lover

Whatever you have planned a dinner in town or an evening at home in two, a little preparation can work wonders. OK, maybe you’re going to tell me that your lover doesn’t really care whether you wear make-up or not. Or that he doesn’t even notice. So what? A make-up that highlights your natural beauty can change your mood and lift your spirits. And a dose of extra self-confidence is welcomed anytime. That’s why we chose especially for you five different, easy to achieve, make-up looks, that will take you no more than ten minutes.



Contoured eyes

We were inspired by Kendall Jenner’s look, that emphasizes the eye: a delicate line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid, another one, very fine, on the lower one, and lengthening mascara. If you add a touch of blush, it’s just enough! For maximum accuracy, use Automatic Fine Liner from Shiseido: just push the button and the right amount of eyeliner is released.


Classic red

You can never go wrong with red lipstick, especially for an evening make-up. And not at all incidentally, our recommendation is the KissKiss lipstick from Guerlain. Keep the rest of your make-up as simple as possible or, if you want a more dramatic look, add a black delicate outline, around the eyes – just as in Adriana Lima’s make-up.




Natural look

If your boyfriend appreciates your natural look, choose a discreet make-up, but one that will add a touch of charm. We liked Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s choice, who highlighted her cheekbones. Give it a try using Blush Prodige Illuminating from Clarins. Add mascara for volume, a barely noticeable eye shadow and the most natural lipstick from your make-up kit.


Copper glow

Irina Shayk’s makeup is very natural, as well, but this time it emphasizes on her green eyes. The model used a touch of copper eyeshadow for the upper eyelid, mascara and lip balm. Our suggestion is Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes from Clinique: it’s very easy to apply, but does have that amazing wow effect.




Daring lips

What’s the darkest lipstick you own? Well, use it tonight. It’s enough for a look that can’t be overlooked, just as Bella Hadid’s. We like Le Rouge a Porter from Givenchy. It has a dramatic, yet superb, shade, and is at it’s best when applied on a clean complexion. OK, if you insist, add a subtle layer of brown mascara.

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