Top 5 bags for the new season

Practical, stylish and just launched

No, no, I’m not gonna tell you to buy yourself a simple, black bag, which goes with most of your outfits. Because that’s the simplest thing to do, nobody has to tell you that anymore. And I’m pretty sure you have at least one. Well, I want to talk about those wow bags, those that stir and add personality to your look. Ready?



Color, color, color

And prints that take your eyes away. Well, Furla Metropolis has now flowers, birds and butterflies in vivid nuances – as if they are stolen from the rainbow -, all on a dark background. The motifs seem painted by an artist! It’s one of those bags that will give a twist to your monochrome autumn-winter outfits.


Golden touches

Metallic colors are a hit for a few seasons – so they couldn’t have missed it now. And Coccinelle knows it all to well, proposing you a mini bag that looks gold-sprayed. It’s decorated with a floral, discreet print and golden elements. In short, so good for your chic outfits.




Black and golden

It’s the combination you can’t fail with. This Coccinelle bag is perfect for the evening: small in size, black and having a golden chain – elegant and useful at the same time. I’m sure you’ll wear it often, with a cocktail dress or a sexy jumpsuit. Let’s say, you’ll make a dashing impression at every party!



The Concrete bag from Coccinelle is a symbol of refinement. Medium sized, with a big, golden C as a decor element. It’s available in several colors, but I chose the burgundy one, as it seems to me the most appropriate for this season. Wear it with navy blue or dark green pieces.




Flowers and butterflies

As the backpack was on the catwalk in the last seasons, I had to include one in this selection. The one from Furla seems to have been created for women who do not like boring accessories: it has awesome lily prints and butterflies prints on a light blue and navy background – the perfect colors to match your denim pieces.

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