The winter vacation in Dubai

The place where the sun shines when Europe is covered in snow

Book a plane ticket and make your plan for a winter holiday with superb beaches and skyscrapers. Below, 10 things to see and do in Dubai – yet once on the spot, you’ll realize that there are infinitely more things to do than you previously thought.

  1. Go up the Burj Khalifa, which has 829 meters and is the tallest building in the world. You can climb up to the 124th floor – it offers some unmissable panoramic views. If you want to climb higher, drink a cocktail at the At The Top lounge, located at the 148th floor. There is even a restaurant on the 122nd floor.
  2. Next to Burj Khalifa, in front of the Dubai Mall, there are some dazzling artesian fountains that provide a true spectacle. In the evening, the water jets are lit and blown-up to 150 meters in the air. Everything on a musical background – while the fountains are, literally, dancing.
  3. I said mall. Yes, Dubai is famous for its malls. And for the shopping festival: imagine incredible discounts each year. The next shopping festival takes place between 26 December 2017 and 28 January 2018.
  4. Go to the Palm Jumeirah, the artificial palm-shaped island. It’s one of the largest artificial islands in the world. It’s a real pleasure to sunbathe here, especially since you can enjoy the most luxurious hotels.
  5. Visit the traditional markets. They’re called souk – here you can find gold, condiments and fabrics. Arm yourself with patience: the natives are born merchants and won’t give up until they persuade you to buy something. Don’t forget to negotiate as best as you can.
  6. Go to the Dubai Marina. First, for a walk. Grab lunch at one of the many restaurants around. Then, take a boat ride among the skyscrapers.
  7. Seek for the DIFC or Dubai International Financial Centre. Don’t worry, you won’t find only financial institutions, but also art galleries and some of the most renowned restaurants. Still, be advised: at some of them it may be necessary to make a reservation even before you go on holiday – the waiting list is loooong.
  8. Spend a day in the desert. You’ll find lots of deals for a jeep safari: a little adrenaline among the magnificent sand dunes and, towards the evening, a traditional dinner.
  9. Save a day for Abu Dhabi. It’s close, and the Sheikh Zayed mosque is impressive, it’s a must see.
  10. Before heading back home, go skiing. You’ve got a ski track of more than 22000 square meters – of course, it’s artificial and you can find it at the Mall of the Emirates.
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