The Trick is to find your favourite Treat

It’s time to get ready for the Halloween party!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in the craziest outfits, to wear the most extravagant make-up without being judged and, of course, to eat all the sweets we crave for without all the guilt. There are endless reasons why we love Halloween, but the most important one is that this is yet another holiday for the entire family, from children to grandparents. And also because it’s a good occasion to spoil ourselves with endless rivers of candies. So here are some pouches just waiting to be offered as treats.


Family packs

What would you choose between the soft and tender Mars bars, the crunchy Snickers, the delicate Milky Way and the generous coconut filling in the Bounty bar? All of them? If the answer is yes, then what you need is the Mars Funsize Mixed Minis pack. Tiny pieces, but plenty enough for the entire family.

Mountains of chocolate

The famous shape of the Toblerone chocolate bar is believed to be inspired by the mountains surrounding the founder’s native region: Bern, Switzerland. No matter the legends around this brand, the focus remains the amazing taste of the milk chocolate flavoured with nougat, almonds and a touch of honey. Toblerone Tiny Mix Bag contains the whole variety of milk, dark and white chocolates



Kids delight

The Kinder chocolate is made from the highest quality cocoa, natural sugar and a delicious milky cream. These Kinder Mini Chocolate bars are creamy, smooth and silky, melting gently in your mouth and enchanting your taste buds. Make sure there’s something left for the kids, ok?

Crunchy snacks

Hanuta Mini Wafers are crunchy snacks composed of two layers of crispy wafers and delicious cocoa, flavoured with the tastiest hazelnuts. These goodies are loved by the whole family and will be super appreciated by the little monsters!



Organic ingredients

Ritter Sport Mini Knick-Pack is a delicious selection of mini chocolate bars: Butter Biscuits, Marzipan, Fine Milk Chocolate and Hazelnuts. Ritter uses only natural ingredients: fresh milk from Germany, fresh sour cream, hazelnuts from Turkey, organic crackers, cocoa from West Africa, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar. Enjoy!

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