The skin care products’ layering

5 important rules to take into account every morning

Lotions, exfoliating creams, serums, oils, SPF products. Sometimes it’s hard enough to understand exactly how each of these are acting, so it’s even harder to know in what order to apply them. And if you don’t respect the right order, you can wake up with other issues: irritations or congested pores. Plus there’s a risk that your skin care products won’t be effective. However, if you follow a few simple rules, your skin care routine will no longer be as complicated and you can be sure that every product is performing as it should be.


The serum

After your make-up removal and toning (mandatory steps every morning and evening), first apply the serum. It has the lightest texture and that’s another important rule: first go the light textures, then with the most consistent ones. Serums are highly concentrated, contain active ingredients and are the most quickly absorbed into the skin.  


The moisturizer

It’s that product that, along with the cleanser, should not be missing from any women’s beauty routine. It is applied right after the serum because it seals it, thus becoming more effective. Then, the cream has a richer texture – that is why it is always used after the serum and not before it.


Take a break

I know, I know, you don’t want to hear about the morning break, when you’re on the run and you want to leave the house faster. But you can do this with a little bit of planning ahead: apply a product, and then you make your coffee or have a snack. Apply another one, then choose what you want to wear or comb your hair. Believe me, it’s not that complicated. But it’s important: one or two minutes are enough for a care product to be absorbed into the skin.


The oil

In small doses, oils do wonders – practically, your complexion will be radiating. Apply only two or three drops and only on the areas where your skin is usually dry. And only after the hydrating cream: oils may act if applied over the cream but not vice versa. The cream will not make its effect if used after the oil.



The sun protection cream is necessary in any the season – no need to tell you what happens if you go to the mountains in a sunny day without using SPF. In the layering process, it is always applied the last. If you start with it, the other products won’t penetrate it, so they will not be effective. Choose a light SPF cream texture, or, if you want to skip this step, use a moisturizer that already contains SPF.

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