The scent of love

A passionate love story, indulgence of the senses, luxury – this is the story of Madalina and Julien, founders of Jul et Mad Paris

Tow young people meet by chance in a famous cafe in Paris. She is born in Romania, with a fabulous carrier in Manhattan: Madalina held top management positions in famous companies in the beauty industry, in New York and Paris. Him, with a Ph.D. in Biology, passionate about travelling and entrepreneur at heart, quits the research on sensorial mechanisms of the brain, in order to dedicate his career to new technologies and communication. Julien is co-inventor of several patents in the 3D field and founder of different communication companies specialized in the scientific field.

This encounter was the beginning of a great passion, and Madalina left New York for Paris. The most precious moments of their love story are shared with the world through the five perfumes in “Les classiques” collection. Then followed “Les white” collection that speaks about the universe of the two founders, their passion for art, music, history and philosophy.

Jul et Mad gain fast the reputation of a brand that “makes no compromises”. No cost was too high, no effort too big in order to create an exclusivist product that represents them. From the formula to packaging, each detail, each element has been developed by Julien and Madalina and put into practice through the partnerships they signed with renowned specialists in the perfumes’ industry.

But the essence of Jul et Mad goes beyond quality – right formulas and highest perfumes concentration. Each product communicated emotions, originality. The extraordinary love story of the two founders is rewritten in a different register, where perfume notes replace the words.

Passion calls for passion. It’s difficult not to fall in love instantly with a Jul et Mad perfume. Which one won your heart?

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