The perfect party bag

Best choice: tiny, stylish and colorful

Tic-tac-toe. I’m counting the days till the New Years Eve’s party. It’s been a good year, I’ve traveled a lot and I laughed almost every day. And I’d like to end this year in the same cheerful mood, but also with a party to remember. I chose my dress, my shoes, my shining earrings, and I even decided what perfume I wear. And now the bag. I took out of the closet my black clutch – the one that goes with everything. But I’m kind of tired of the classic, safe version. I’d like a new bag, the wow kind of bag, one that I will really love. As you know me, I started to search, like a real fashion addict. You can find below my selection of perfect party bags. 


Dare to wear green

I love the design of this Metropolis bag from Furla. It’s tiny and compact. And I’m glad it also has a chain, as I don’t like to hold it in my hands. I also adore this daring, green shade, a wonderful touch of color. If your outfit includes shades of black, nude, grey or dark blue, this bag will create quite a fashionable contrast. Bonus: You can also wear it during the day, with jeans or a very colorful outfit.


Choose a colorful bag

Red, blue, black and a snake print. This is the mini Arlettis bag from Coccinelle. It’s suitable for any all-black outfit, or a red dress with a minimalist cut. It will be the star of any print-free outfit. But you can wear it with a pair of snake leather shoes. Bonus: For the daytime, it suits a casual outfit, as well as an office attire, with a white shirt and pants.


Bet on red

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress in a strong color, such as red, then choose accessories in strong shades. This is the reason why I stopped at this mini bag from Coccinelle: its red color that can’t be ignored and the golden details make it perfect for the evening. Bonus: Besides the classical combination with black, wear this red bag during the day with an outfit in shades of white, dark blue, grey or dark green. Or a navy striped top.


Wear pastels

Yes, even in the winter. The sweet, pastel shades are a stylish choice any time of the year. It’s nothing new, I agree, but I remembered this “rule” when I saw this pink Coccinelle bag. It made me think at the delicious macaroons. Then I imagined myself in a light, pastel dress: light blue or pistachio green. Hmmm, and elegant silver sandals. Bonus: This bag is an upgrade for a any daytime casual outfits – you will look far more stylish than wearing a classic tote.


Choose a bit of bordeaux

No, I’m not talking about wine. Though that’s not a bad idea at all :). But now it’s about bags, and not any kind of bags – but a special design from Furla’s Metropolis collection. The leather bag I’m talking about (burgundy, of course) has a chic decoupage with golden insertions. It suits an evening dress in shades of black, dark blue, grey, dark green, and, why not, still burgundy. For a plus of glamour, choose golden jewelry. Bonus: I really love the mix between dark bleu, dark green and burgundy. And, with this bag, it’s easy to create a day outfit in the above colors: add your favorite jeans and an emerald shirt.

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