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Even though I haven’t had my holiday yet (it’s all scheduled, though, can’t wait!), I did manage to spend a couple of long weekends at the seaside. And, of course, just as I do every year, I took a peak in the mirror. A little more than usual, true. How do I look in my bathing suit this year? I was a little skeptical and – no surprise here – it seemed to me that, well, it was room for improvement. So I switched to a body care programme for summer. It’s really efficient and gives results. To be more specific, I used some special moisturizing and anti-cellulite products. Below are a few amazing ones that I’ve discovered and I simply need to share them with you: pick your favorites.


Shiseido Future Solution LX Firming Body Cream

It’s a perfect choice not just because it moisturizes, but it also has a lifting effect. And, believe me, just before hitting the beach, every woman needs such a product! Your skin will be firmer and smoother, and this luxury experience will be enriched by the scent of this fabulous product. Not to mention that the hydration effect lasts for 24 hours.


Clarins Bust Beauty Extra Lift Gel

And here’s another secret for us, girls: the gel for the breast from Clarins. It has a delicate special formula, with herbal extracts, which provides a firming and lifting effect. I solemnly promise that, if you will use it, your bust will look just perfect in your new bathing suit.


Biotherm Celluli Eraser Gel

Cellulite, hmm? One of the greatest enemies for us women. It has no mercy when it comes to age, more than that it can unpleasantly surprise overnight – and our skin will get that orange peel appearance that we hate so much. So, desperate times call for resourceful measures: it’s paramount to choose a great product. I wholeheartedly recommend the gel from Biotherm, which contains caffeine – known for its magical effects against cellulite.


Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil

It’s especially great in summer, when the skin dries more quickly due to the burning sun and you need hydration. But the good news doesn’t stop here: it has a non-greasy formula, which contains antioxidants and also has… those discrete shiny particles. It’s the perfect product for a glowing look everyone will envy.


La Prairie Cellular Energizing Body Spray

It’s a great combination between a fragrance and a product with remarkable skin care properties. It’s a scented body spray, which also has a lifting effect. It energizes and revitalizes the skin – a true luxury experience. Just go for it!

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