The newest Furla bags

A collection that celebrates colors and prints

Before having seen the new Furla bags, I had planned to make a rigorous selection. That is to say, to choose five models, the most stupendous ones, and just write about them. However, this time, I didn’t manage to follow the original plan. And that’s because there are so many new bags, and, yeap, so many bags that are simply wow. It would have been an injustice to make a selection so strict when there are so many nuances, so many models and prints to discover.

When you see the new Furla collection, you immediately think at the warm season. And that’s due to the chosen color palette – there are many delicate shades: pink, yellow, peach, lilac, but also passionate red accents. Of course, to all these are added the classic shades of beige, gray, white or black, which can be worn in every season. And, imagine that so far I’ve only mentioned the non-printed leather bags.

The print bags are a genuine feast of forms and colors. The inspiration comes from nature, so the new prints depict turtles, parrots, peacocks or butterflies, thus turning the bags into accessories that you just can’t take your eyes off.

As usual, Furla is proposing various bag sizes, from the mini ones, which you can wear in the evening, to the medium and large ones, perfect for the daytime: for the office, for a simple walk, or even for shopping.

And now the best thing to do is just look at the pictures, admire the new bags and pick your favorites. If I were to give you a tip, well, then, I’d tell you not to make a shy choice. Dare and wear one of the print models, bursting with personality and color!

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