The new skincare strategy

The moisturizing face care products with gel texture that you'll love them, too

I have friends who are faithful for years and years to a certain product. Me, I can’t resist. I fall in love in a second with a mosturizing cream and I don’t even get to finish it that I can’t wait to try out a newly launched one. In fact, this is the most thrilling moment in all of my beauty routine: the one in which I discover a new product.

My only constant in picking my skin care products is linked to the seasons. In the winter I use nourishing oils, serums and masks. In the spring I flip the coin: lighter textures, like gel-creams with a fresh aroma. And well, yes, I am completely aware that the most important skin care factor is its formula, not its perfume. But I don’t settle for less: I want the best of both worlds. And considering the volume of new products launched every year, it’s not even that tough to find the ones that appeal and satisfy my needs. By the way, I’ve already chosen my favorites:

  1. Fect Skin Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel, Biotherm. It’s definitely the first products that I use in the morning. It cleans impeccably, not to mention the magic effects especially if you have oily or combination skin type – and controls the sebum excess up to eight hours. Hurray!
  2. Orchidee Imperiale creme-gel, Guerlain. I really enjoy applying my cream. It’s already a by default action, just like brushing my teeth. And my Guerlain cream is and absolute delight, from the jar’s design to the perfume and texture. This moisturizing gel invigorates and refreshes my skin. I think this is the moment when I truly wake-up. Not yet convinced? Orchidee Imperiale not only hydrates, but also has amazing anti-aging properties.
  3. Eye contour gel, Clarins. It’s my secret for those sleepless nights. And it really works. The organic plants extracts act efficiently against dark circles and puffiness. The Gingko Bilboa and caffeine decongests the under eye puffs, the aloe extracts smooth while the cornflower and chamomile calm even the most sensitive skin. Not to mention that it can be applied even over the make-up. Just another reason to always have one in your purse.
  4. Ibuki face mask, Shiseido. It’s my weekend treat and savior, especially if I partied all night. I just apply on my face and… that’s it! I keep it on while I sleep and nobody ever guesses the time I went to bed. The face mask also features a gel texture and C and E vitamins, which continue to act throughout the night. Bonus: a discreet and relaxing violet perfume.


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