The new autumn shades for eyes and lips

That you’ll adore from the very first moment

The new season’s make-up trends are not scarce at all – I saw, on the catwalks, very natural make-up looks (I could have sworn that the models were not wearing foundation at all!), but also extremely colored eyelids, lips with imperfect outline and dark lipsticks, plenty of eyeliner, angelic looks created in delicate pinks or metallic, glittering, eye shadows.

Well, I said from the start that there are plenty of trends: one for each occasion or personality. And, in this context, here I am in a painful inner struggle: which trend should I tackle first? I thought extensively, I was about to flip the coin and let chance decide, until one of my colleagues came into the office wearing a hard to ignore lipstick: a powerful, matte, bordeaux from which I couldn’t take my eyes off.

And then I knew that regardless of the trends and what we see on the catwalks, it’s the time for eye shadow palettes and lipsticks in the gorgeous fall colors. For warm colors, ranging from red copper or brown, to the slightly coldest shades of plum, purple and burgundy. And the offer is generous, to match all tastes: all the make-up brands have launched products in these colors – that you’ll be falling in love with –, and with which you can easily create a discreet or a unique statement look.

If you are a fan of the less powerful make-up looks, choose a brown eyeliner or a khol and wear warm colors on the eyelids. Then, if you want to turn your make-up into a more accentuated and snappy one, add lipstick. But not any kind: dare to wear a dark color and do not insist too much with the outline – a little imperfection is very much in the trends.

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