The most delicious coffee snacks

That will make your mornings sweeter

I press on snooze. Well, I kind of do it every morning. And that’s because I hate to get up early and try to profit even from those five or ten minutes of rest that snoozing allows. But – loving or hating it –, ultimately, I still have to wake up, and the only thing that really gets me out of bed is the mere thought of coffee. Hot, sweet, black. But with a little surprise beside it. A biscuit. Or a square of delicious chocolate. Or maybe both J. There are some that I simply adore – the ones below:


The mint chocolate

It’s on my favorites’ shortlist for a very long time – possibly, since the time I wasn’t even drinking coffee. Well, back to present, I always pick After Eight, as I just love that fine, crispy chocolate, which hides a lavish mint fondant. And I am delighted that I can find both the milk and black chocolate candies in the same package.


The chocolate bars

Certainly from Merci – I am thrilled as a child to discover, each time, different flavours: intense creamy coffee, delicious pralines, black chocolate mousse or soft nougat. And here you’ve got me: no matter how much I would try, I just can’t pick only one bar. Is it just me? J


The assorted biscuits

It’s enough to think about the biscuits from Godiva to get me that irresistible lust. I’ve discovered them when I was hunting for an elegant and tasty gift to a dear friend – I’ve ended up, you can imagine, buying two boxes instead of one. They are tender, crispy and filled with the delicious Godiva chocolate that needs no further presentation. You agree, don’t you?


The crispy waffles

Manner Neapolitaner Wafer, just another one of my guilty pleasures. And of all of my friends who have ever tasted them. Try them yourself, I promise you a real treat: you’ll discover five layers of crispy waffles with an irresistible cocoa and hazelnut filling. It’s a combination that will please even the most demanding connoisseurs.


The dark liquor chocolate

Seriously now, it’s, literally, the perfect addition to your coffee. That’s why I always keep at home a box with the famous 26 small bottles of dark, premium chocolate from Anthon Berg. Each of them contains syrup made from the original cognac. I’ve always liked the contrast between the black, bittersweet chocolate, and the sweet and refined taste of the liquor inside. And the amount of alcohol is so small that it doesn’t even matter if you’ve had breakfast or not.

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