The most beautiful places in Brussels

For an unforgettable city break

Even if Brussels is one of the cities of which you often hear in the news, the Belgian capital has plenty of great spots, just perfect for a relaxing holiday. Set your phone on silent, put on you out of office (imagine how annoying it would be to constantly having to check your email) and take the city by foot. You’re going to come back with some amazing stories and memories.


Walk through the Grand Place

Although it’s located in the city center, the Grande Place will leave you speechless. The Town Hall, built in the fifteenth century, is in the very core of the market, but the surrounding buildings offer just as much beauty through their grandiose architecture. On some days, here is a superb flower market.


Have fun at The Belgian Comic Strip Centre

One of the things for which Brussels is so well known is the comic culture. So it was natural to find here a museum dedicated to this art: The Belgian Comic Strip Centre. There is an area dedicated to the famous caricaturist Georges Remi (who drew under the pen name Herge) – who created the famous character Tintin.


Shop in the flea markets

The best known are Place du Jeu de Balle (open every day from 6 a.m. until 2 in the afternoon, and Sunday even up to 3 p.m.) and Le Sablon (only on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 till 5, respectively up to 2 p.m.). Although called flea markets, here you can discover true treasures, from antiques to vintage pieces. 


Visit Le Botanique

Initially, it was the city’s Botanical Garden, which attracts even today a large number of tourists. In the recent years, however, here take place lots of cultural events, and this mix between garden and cultural center is very much refreshing. It pays off to make the trip – a nice walk and cool pictures to bring back home.


Taste the best fried potatoes

Even if the best are probably prepared at home, by your parents, it truly deserves to go to Flagely – because the place is famous for the best Belgian fries. What makes them so special? Well, they are cooked twice in animal fat, which is why they are so delicious and crispy. You also have a wide variety of sausages to choose from – so forget about the diet!


Chill with a special beer

Belgians are very proud of their beer, and they have all the reasons-why: you’ll find out if you go to Moeder Lambic. You’ll discover here a wide selection of Belgian beers, but also international ones – and if you don’t know exactly what to choose, it is best to ask on the waiter to recommend one. You’ll also enjoy the food: some great dishes that obviously go well with beer.


Treat yourself with chocolate

Belgian chocolate needs no presentation, it is rightly famous all over the world. Even if you are not fond of sweets, you won’t be able to resist. At every street corner you’ll find the famous waffles (with or without chocolate), chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate pralines with the most unexpected fillings (basil cream, lime, ginger or whatever you can think of) and, last but not least, chocolate in various forms, from shoes to bearings!

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