The key-word: freshness

Or how to be fresh in any given moment of a day

Even though your bathroom cabinet is pretty much packed with cosmetics – from after-shave, up to perfumes, or to the face cream received, as a gift, from your sweetheart – the one product you use the most often is, however, the deodorant. Whether it’s a stick, a roll-on or a spray, the antiperspirant is a product that you need every day. Because it gets you freshness – no matter the season. Below, just a few of them: very effective ones, with a perfect track record of proven results, but also endowed with the most delightful aromas. Choose your favorite and use it along with the perfume from the same line.


L’Homme, Yves Saint Laurent

An alcohol-free formula, ideal for any skin type, even for the sensitive skin. L’Homme is a stick deodorant with warm, oriental notes of cardamom, cedar and vetiver – mysterious and exciting fragrances, yet discreet in the same time. A confident man’s favorite choice – in all circumstances.


Gentlemen Only, Givenchy

It has fresh and spicy notes and ensures a long-lasting freshness. Otherwise, it’s very simple: apply the Gentlemen Only stick deodorant when stepping out of the shower and you’ll know you’ll have a wonderful day. It was created for the refined men who know to appreciate a luxury product. Not to mention it doesn’t contain alcohol, nor does it irritate the skin.


The One, Dolce&Gabbana

Classic and modern at the same time, The One from Dolce&Gabbana seduces you on the spot with its ambergris, tobacco and spices notes. Towards the end, you’ll feel a fresh, masculine scent – and that’s exactly what you need, every morning, from a stick deodorant.


Acqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani

It’s a spray deodorant, very close to the much-beloved perfume with the same name. Acqua di Gio contains citrus, dates notes, as well as flavors which recall you of the salty sea water. All of them are intertwined with spices and white musk aromas. Tell the truth, now: didn’t we stir your curiosity?


Man in Black, Bvlgari

It’s a long day freshness promise: a single touch, every morning, is enough. Man in Black is a stick deodorant with a delicate fragrance that awakes all your senses. It has an oriental aroma to it, with pronounced ambergris notes, ideal for the days when you go casual.

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