The infinity pools

The water which seems to flow over the edges of the pool creates some of the most beautiful holiday images

I don’t remember when I saw, for the very first time, a photo with an astonishing infinity pool, whose water seemed to drift straight into the sea. But I know for sure, I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind: it stuck with me as the picture-perfect scene for a miraculous, great holiday. I imagined that, if I would ever were in such a spot, I would suddenly feel happy, just because of this marvelous sight. And I’m still convinced that such a magical place would instantly bring a smile on my face.
But where are these sensational pools? Most of them, true enough, are in Asia. Searching for them and trying to find out more about them, I’ve realized I’m not bound to travel to another continent just to swim in an infinity pool. Some of the most beautiful are pretty close – in Greece, for example.


Santorini, Greece

It’s a superb island, with breathtaking views. It is said that you have to go to Santorini at least once in your lifetime – the houses and the restaurants built on the very edge of the mountain offer an unforgettable view over the Caldera. And, yes, here you can enjoy one of the many famous luxury hotels that have these stupendous infinity pools: Kirini Suites, Perivolos and Mystique (in Oia), Chromata and Grace Hotel (in Imerovigli) or the Cosmopolitan Suites (in Fira).



There are a thousand reasons to visit Thailand: from the absolutely impressive scenery, the blue, see-through waters, to the fine sands or the rocks coming out of the water where you would least expect. Or for the mangrove forests or the exquisite cuisine. It’s a small paradise, and a hotel with an infinity pool is just another reason to enjoy your holiday. Well, and the offer is quite generous: the Koh Yao Yai (just 30 minutes from Phuket), the Eastin Hotel Sathorn, in Bangkok (the pool is on the 14th floor, and from there you can view the city’s panorama) or the one from U Zenmaya Phuket, a boutique hotel with a great pool, which seems to tumble into the Andaman Sea.



The swimming pool in the Marina Bay Sands from Singapore is certainly one of the most photographed in the world. And those who were already there told me that it’s even more stunning than in the pictures. It’s in the city center, at the 57th floor, just fantastic for observing the city’s panorama and its skyscrapers. So, if you ever get to Singapore, you shouldn’t miss it. Honestly.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To cut a long story short: an unforgettable view from the swimming pool at Residence Regalia to the center of the city. You can admire the Petronas Towers while swimming or enjoying a cocktail. But I still have two equally wonderful options: Splash Pool where you can relax by day and party by night, and the Cascade Pool from the famous Mandarin Oriental – here you will feel the holiday atmosphere even if you spend only one day from your Asian holiday.

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