The Frozen phenomenon

The toys and accessories inspired from the Frozen movie conquered the little girls from all over the world

Ouch. This really hurts.

I’m visiting my best friend, who has a daughter of about four years old. Well, as soon I entered the house, she cheerfully and impatiently commanded me to follow her, grabbed my hand – just in case – to show me her room and, of course, asked me to go play with her. Ouchhhh. I barely made two steps into the room, that I walked on something small and sharp. I looked around and spoted a toy on the carpet – she’s to blame. However, not everybody felt the same way – let’s say there were mixed feelings in the room, as the little one explains to me, as relaxed and relieved as possible, that I’ve just stepped on Olaf, but fortunately, Olaf’s fine, thank heavens, nothing happened to him. I am baffled – perhaps from the surprise attack – as I do not know who Olaf is. For me, the toy in question resembles to a snowman. Full stop.

However, in the next hour, I learned everything about Olaf, and Elsa and Anna. They are the characters from Frozen, an animated series, launched by Disney some three years ago, and that completely won the hearts and minds of the kids wherever they would be. For the rest of my visit, I sat, I even listened to the songs from Frozen, I sang myself, somehow, by all means I was not to disappoint the child.

Well, this experience has been, however, of great help. Apart from the fact that I had some fun singing along and mimicking Elsa and Co. – the kids always manage to get your spirits up, no matter what –, all I’ve learned about the Frozen characters was really useful when I had to buy gifts for my niece.

I have to admit I had no idea about the huge range of the Frozen items: from the pink backpacks with Anna and Elsa, the lunch box, the Frozen Castle Lego (this, I admit, I fancied myself), girls’ fragrances, plush toys or figurines with the characters from the famous animation. Of course, even with Olaf, the one with whom I got acquainted in a way that I won’t be able to forget any time soon :).

It’s not easy to choose from all of the above, but in the end, I picked the Lego and the miniature perfumes – and, honestly, my niece was in cloud nine. They were a smashing success. So great, that I am convinced that until my niece will grow, I’ll probably have to buy her the entire collection. Can’t go wrong, really!

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