The famous Bottega Veneta knot

All about the eau de parfum called the Knot and the story around it

When you say Bottega Veneta, the mere thought takes you to the famous fashion house and, in particular, to one of its most precious accessories: the rounded knot clutch. It’s an iconic accessory, same as the already well-known 2.55 Chanel handbag, Birkin from Hermes, or Baguette from Fendi.
The all most wanted Knot clutch is present in every Bottega Venetta collection, in different variations, one more astonishing than the other. And, as an accepted continual, the Italian brand launched an eau de parfum with the same name and under the same easily recognizable symbol: a top with a stylized knot.
The eau de parfum Knot from Bottega Veneta overflows with floral and fizzy notes. Actually, it was inspired by the fresh air of Italy, the scents of flowers, but also of the fresh clean clothes, just washed. The essence opens up with notes of citrus, clementine, mandarin, lime, neroli and orange blossoms.
And these are just leaving the room for the middle notes – peony, white rose and lavender – which completely contrast, in the most magical way, with the base notes: musk and tonka. It’s a scent that seduces you and whom you will remain true for a long, long time. A truly mesmerizing aroma that takes you to the most picturesque places in Italy.
And, please, believe me: it’s sooooo worthwhile trying. And, if you like it, you really have to test also The Knot eau florale, which amplifies the rose and peony from the original Knot. Eau florale also includes notes of mandarin, neroli, lavender, cedar and tonka bean.

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