Everything you need to know about the duty free experience

A brief introduction to the latest online shopping experience.

It’s official: BestValue is now online. What does that mean? I’m so happy you asked that question. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee (or a strawberry smoothie) and hear me out. This is huge and you have to know everything about it.

First of all, let’s think about your usual trip and sketch a plan.

Choose the destination with babe (and kids if any), look up hotels and make reservations, buy the plane ticket, dream about the holiday every single day at work, count the days you’ll finally get out of that office, pack for the holiday, unpack because the luggage is too heavy, get dressed before your flight, take a cab to the airport, do your online check-in on the way, go through security check, passport control…and finally take a break! – get inside BestValue shop and have a breath of fresh air, try out new fragrances, chat with the beauty consultants on the latest products, try on sunglasses, have a sip of that 21 year old whisky (all in a hurry because the gate is about to close, but oh my god, there’s so much you haven’t even seen) – go to gate, get inside airplane, take off, take a nap, get to destination and have fun.
On the way back, go through all of this again, but with a lot less enthusiasm. After all, you’re going back to work. At arrival, live the dream a little more in BestValue, where you’d like to choose some gifts for your loved ones. Plus, some of your friends asked you to buy something for them and you forgot all about it (where is that list anyway?). You’re tired, you pick something for yourself and your mom eventually, then leave the airport and think about a good excuse to tell your friends.

You: BestValue was closed, I’m sorry.

Friend: What? BestValue is never closed?

Ok, think about a better excuse.

Sounds familiar, right? Now forget about it. Because this is about to change forever.

From now on, you can order your favorite products at duty free prices, get gifts for your family and surprise your friends – all from the comfort of your home (or office, bar, garden – wherever you have an internet connection).


Isn’t that great? Oh and I almost forgot the best part.

You can start shopping the moment you bought your plane ticket!

Yes, if today you bought a ticket for 10 days in Thailand and your flight is in three weeks time, you can start shopping at BestValue right away. You just validate your ticket on the website and from that moment until your flight day, you’re free to shop at duty free prices. This applies also for your return ticket (if you’re coming back, if not – God, you are so lucky). Tip: if you have a round-trip ticket you can validate the return one from the start. This way you will enjoy more time online shopping at duty free prices.

What’s the thing with the Ticket Validation?

Shopping on bestvalue.eu is like being in the airport. Except you’re not. You’re at home, or at the office pretending to be working. By nature, BestValue is a shop designed exclusively for passengers who travel by plane (hence the duty free prices). It comes as no surprise that the online shop would work the same way. And after all, this is what the duty free experience is all about: travelling, exploring, enjoying the little things that make our lives worth living, relaxing, escaping the ordinary. The ticket validation is just one step you have to pass to get there.

Are you ready for a duty free experience preview?

The website was designed as a mirror to the airport shop experience and promotes an innovative concept on the Romanian market: slow shopping. When you shop at BestValue you don’t have to hurry. On the contrary: take your time to explore, connect and enjoy these moments dedicated to you only. Hence, you’ll find there customized selections of products to suit your needs and desires, tutorials, the latest trends and how to wear them and so many more.


For instance, every single category in the website, from fragrances to sweets, has a dedicated inspirational page. Discover there the latest trends, tips & tricks, best-sellers, special offers and other fine selections to meet your taste. If you want to give it a try now, just choose your favorite category and start getting inspired. What’s it going to be: fragrances, make-up, skincare, accessories, bags, sweets or spirits?

Looks great, right?

Then make sure you don’t miss out on the latest updates and irresistible deals. 

sale bags 2There’s only one way to stay in touch: subscribe to the newsletter. This way, you’ll always be the first to know the novelties in store, special deals and even receive gifts from time to time. All you have to do is check the “I want to subscribe to BestValue newsletter” box when you create your account.

But enough with the discovery. Give me my favorite products!

And there are a lot to get. Picture everything you see in the airport shelves, at only one click away from you. Looking for your signature fragrance? Here it is. A skincare pouch perfect for your journey? No problem. The hottest bags from the summer collection? Coming right on. The exclusive airport edition of Courvoisier? Le Voyage de Napoleon right at your doorsteps, baby! And let’s not forget: you can enjoy each and every one of them at duty free prices. Aha, yep, no kidding. It’s real!

When will you get your order? No, the question is: how will you get your order?

Wrapped carefully in one of the LITTLE BLACK BOXES, in no more than three working days from the moment you placed the order. Just relax, enjoy your smoothie, wander through the pages, choose what your heart desires, click, click, click, have fun with your friends, listen to good music. Soon, your little black box will arrive and accomplish its ultimate mission: making you happy.

cutii livrare

In the end, it’s all comes down to enjoying yourself and seizing the moment. 

It’s no secret that life is not “en rose” all the time. It’s usually challenging and exhausting. Our trips are the haven we are looking for the entire year, because that’s when we can finally focus on ourselves. It’s only then that you see how beautiful the sun rises from beyond the sea, or fading out behind the peak of the mountain. It’s only then that you remember to count the stars and make fun of the clouds. To laugh with no reason, to love with no limits.

I think BestValue’s new online shop is an homage to that. To the real you. And its mission is to make not only your holiday a little bit longer, but you a little bit happier.


Tilt your phone to experience the
duty free experience