The coolest shades for the lips

The new lipstick colors that astonish this fall

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For anyone who’s irremediably in love with summer – as I am – fall’s coming isn’t necessarily good news. Just the mere thought of the rainy days and the cold mornings makes me want to bring summer back. But, as always in life, there’s a good side to it. And my autumn’s joy means new trends. Honestly, I was eagerly waiting to wear the new shades of lipstick and gloss, just perfect for the new season.
Which ones? Well, like every time, there’s not only one trend, but more: colorless lips or in natural tones and, at the opposite side, the strong colors, from red and violet to burgundy. And, in addition to the classical way you wear the lipstick, there’s also the brand new alternative: the one where you apply a little color with your finger on the bottom lip, or on the center of both lips, thus, getting a modern, wow and bewildered look – undefined, very chic lips.
And as we like colors, I chose to introduce to you four tones that are simply perfect for this new season. And a palette with more nuances, as you’ll see, it’s not easy to choose. At all!




A warm color, which reminds of the fall leaves, and that flatters any woman. Guerlain KissKiss Matte, nuance 307, is perfect both for the office, and for an evening make-up where the emphasis falls on the eyelids. I, particularly, like it in combination with a shiny golden eye shadow, especially that the lipstick is matte and it creates a sensational contrast.



I’m having a hard time defining this gorgeous shade in one word. It’s somewhere between pink and purple, but undoubtedly it’s a choice that can’t go unnoticed. Juicy Shaker from Lancome (number 283) is very hydrating. Shake it and use its sponge applicator – it’s so simple! The rest of the make-up can be utterly unassuming: just some mascara on the eyelashes. For a more sophisticated look, just add a black eyeliner line.





A tinge of red wine is passionate and mysterious. Givenchy Le Rouge Ultra Mat (number 331) isn’t recommended to shy women! It’s a long-lasting lipstick, in a strong color, which captures all attention immediately. How to wear it? At any party, this fall. And as I mentioned party, then dare and go a little further: add some glitter on your eyelids. It’s a wow combination!



If you like shiny lips, then go for a golden tint. We found an absolutely gorgeous nuance: the Metallic Glow from Victoria’s Secret. The product’s formula is hydrating (it contains jojoba oil and vitamin E), and its effect is one of pure gold. Wear it with a dark eye shadow, with an astonishing dress and long earrings, with crystals.




Pink, red, burgundy… and others

You have no less than eight lipstick nuances into the Palette Set from Yves Saint Laurent: from lighter ones, to more intense ones, or more pigmented ones. You can combine them to create more colors. The advantage is that this palette fits in any bag and, so, you can change your lipstick depending on where you’re going. A more subdued color for the office, one more intense, if you’re going out, and, why not, an unforgettable red if you have an impassioned date.

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