The confessions of a fragrance aficionada

Who still collects perfume samples

You know what I’m talking about: perfume samples, tiny, of just few milliliters, which you receive when you buy something from the cosmetics’ shops. Yes, you probably know it already, as I wrote extensively about the subject: well, I just love perfumes – I can’t help it. Otherwise, I have quite a collection – or let’s just say I have enough. My boyfriend would even say that I have so many that I needn’t buy any perfume ever, yet I don’t want to go into this conversation with him.

Anyway, I think you have already got the idea: it’s quite clear that, NO, I do not lack perfumes. However, I am a collector of perfume samples. I keep them all in a paper bag in which I like very much to snoop around from time to time.

But how did it all begin? I was in high school. From my pocket money, I couldn’t save enough to buy a full size bottle of perfume. So, when I was allowed, I used my mother’s.

Then, luckily, I got as a gift my favorite fragrance and, as the years went by, I managed to buy myself the perfumes I liked. However, before that, the samples were priceless to me. My parents got them at each purchase and, luckily, they would bring them to me. I had, practically, a true collection of scents, even though with very small weights.

OK, you’re going to ask yourself: it made sense to collect them in my adolescence. But do they still have any meaning now? My answer is yes. Firstly, it’s something about a certain, indescribable, nostalgia – I like them and that’s it, and this alone makes a compelling reason. Secondly, they are useful: before I buy a new perfume, I like to test it. And, many times, I don’t take a decision on the spot – and a sample allows me to try it the next day to find out if I really want it or not.

And then, often, I simply feel like to wearing a new aroma. And I go, again, to my collection, and choose a floral or a woody scent, or perhaps even something stronger, bolder than usual.

Oh, and last but not least, when a friend asks me to recommend her a fragrance, I prefer to bring her a sample, to try it on. It’s the best option – much better than any attempt to describe it in words only.

OK, but where I’m getting at with all this sweet talk? Yeap, I remembered. I wanted to tell you, in fact, that keeping your perfume samples is an awesome idea. Not to start a collection, but for all the objective reasons above :).

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