The complete beauty kit for your honeymoon

Just a few products and miniature sets that shouldn’t take up half of your luggage

It’s your first vacation as husband and wife. You’ve planned it in detail, to be an amazing, unforgettable experience you’ll always remember. Needless to say, that you’ll want to feel and look awesome. Just that your desire will make you wanna pack your whole beauty arsenal. But, as you don’t want to fill your luggage with cosmetics only, I suggest you choose the ones that you really need. A few products and, especially, miniatures, which occupy just a bit of space, and that will highlight your natural beauty.


Take Off Essentials set from Clarins

Six care products, but in small sizes: an eye contour gel, a cleansing lotion, a hydrating cream, a face balm, a hand and nail cream and one for the body. They will all help you to take care of your skin and to look fresh every day.


Absolu Nude Palette from Lancome

I don’t know how much make-up you will wear on your honeymoon, but you never know, so better to be prepared. Maybe you’ll go to a fancy restaurant and you’ll feel the need for some eye shadow and mascara. Choose the Absolu Nude Palette from Lancome because here you have it all: eye shadows, mascara, eye pencil, gloss and blush.


Chubby Stick Intense from Clinique

I chose it because it is a great lip balm, which also confers a discreet color. It’s the perfect product, because you’ll need hydration and because, from time to time, you’ll want a splash of color on your lips. It contains mango and shea butter, so it tastes delicious!


Volume Travel Kit from Moroccanoil

It’s enough to pack the shampoo in your beauty kit, and you’re already stuck: you won’t have room for anything else. Therefore, the best idea is the volume kit from Moroccanoil: it contains miniature products, namely shampoo and conditioner for volume, a mask and an oil treatment, so necessary especially in the summer days.


SPF 50 spray from Clarins

There is no sunny holiday without sunscreen. First of all, for the health of your skin. Secondly, because you don’t want to get all red and spend your honeymoon hidden under the umbrella. The spray from Clarins applies uniformly and is immediately absorbed into the skin.


Tan Maximizer spray from Lancaster

It’s the perfect choice after a day spent sunbathing: it soothes the skin and refreshes it immediately. In addition, this Lancaster spray has a magical formula: it intensifies and boosts your tan, so that your body will have a gorgeous color that will last longer.


Miniature perfumes from Bvlgari

It’s hard to choose one fragrance for your honeymoon – especially if you have a whole, proper honeymoon and not just a few days. You’ll want something fresh for the day, something floral or maybe more sophisticated for the evenings. The Bvlgari set comes with five miniature aromas: Mon Jasmin Noir, Mon Jasmin Noir L’eau Exquise, Omnia Amethyste, Omnia Crystalline and Omnia Coral.

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