The chic accesory from your pocket

The wallet of a gentleman must be elegant and thin. Especially when he wears a suit and goes out in the city

You’re wearing a refined suit, made to measure, which fits you perfectly. But isn’t it right you wouldn’t wanna ruin it on the account of a, let’s call it, detail – a packed and plump wallet with all your stuff, coming out from your pocket? Right, then! And yes, I know that it’s so much more comfortable to go out with the „regular” wallet: the one you wear on a daily basis. Just because you’ve got there everything you need (and, let’s be honest to the end, even what you don’t need): gas invoices which must reach your accountant, loyalty cards, pieces of paper with jotted notes, documents, credit and debit cards and all the business cards you’ve received at your last meetings.

However, when you go out, just admit it, you don’t need all this. Instead, you need to invest in a quality wallet, thin and stylish, for the things that are essential for a classy evening out: a card, some cash, and maybe a few business cards. And when you choose it, think that it needs to represent you, to show your personality: it’s a long-term investment, and one of the few accessories that a man carries. Below you’ll find our suggestions.

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