The blue hour

The five chic watches that make you wanna tick right now

Perhaps you don’t even recall the last time you used your wristwatch to learn the time – we know, it’s paradoxical, as this is the mere reason it was invented. But technology took its toll on our habits: we have the time displayed on our computer monitors or on the phones. However, fortunately, watches belong to those accessories that will never grow old: because they’re super stylish and because they are true jewels. A refined watch rounds up an outfit and has a long life ahead: you can wear it season after season. And if you’re wondering what watch to choose now, below are five of our favorites. Adorned with crystals, with leather or metallic strap, with golden or silver accents, and mandatory, with a touch of blue.


Midnight blue

The Emporio Armani watch captures you from the very first moment, as it is truly precious. A dark navy blue strap, and a dial in a bright navy blue hue. But what really make this watch special are the details in the rose gold shades and the clear crystals, which are a feast for the eyes.


Casual navy blue

With a minimalist design, this Fossil watch is suitable to your everyday looks. Because this shade of navy blue fits perfectly with jeans and with the outfits you wear to the office. The large, white dial is embellished with details in a rose gold tone.


Pastel blue

Michael Kors watches are famous and loved by all women. So we had to choose at least one. We liked from the first moment the one with a metallic silver dial, and a silver and blue strap. The stainless steel dial is gilded with a double circle made out of shiny crystals.


Turquoise hours

You won’t know where to look at first: at the gorgeous turquoise leather strap or at the glittering crystals? This Swarovski watch is an authentic jewel, with a stainless steel case and the famous swan set on 12. Wear it with pastel outfits, summer dresses or even with your business suit.


Intense blue

A hue that immediately stands out, even more so as it is used both on the dial and the strap. This Swarovski watch is sleek and modern, with the brand’s specific crystals sprinkled on the dial. It’s a wonderful accessory, both for day and evening outfits.

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