The best eyeliner…

… is the one with which you can to draw a fine and elegant outline

Trends might come and go, yet the eyeliner never gets old-fashioned. But now, as I’ve mentioned the trends, it is important, however, to say that, in the recent seasons, the eyeliner was among the make-up artists’ favorites. On the other hand, I remember those days from my childhood when I would fascinatedly watch my mother putting on her make-up – and how the way in which she could draw that thin black line so close to the eyelashes seemed so magic to me. When I grew up and I started to use make-up myself, I was almost convinced that it was a spell in the middle. Because I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried, to draw that straight, perfect eye line. In time, though, I learned. It took patience, practice and a state of the art eyeliner. Choose one from below, and master the art of perfection:


Liner Couture, Givenchy

The big plus of this product is the professional brush that makes it really hard to fail. Of course, the formula of this eyeliner will also help: ultra-saturated color pigments, and a dense and intense formula, which doesn’t fade away during the day.


Little Black Liner, Estee Lauder

A very fine line or a more visible one? A discreet make-up or a more extravagant one? With the Little Black Liner you can choose any of these options. It’s an eyeliner with two heads (a very fine-tipped one and a wider one) and a waterproof formula, which does not spread.


Grandiose, Lancome

This eyeliner, part of the famous Grandiose collection, has an exceptional thin and flexible brush, which applies on the eyelids the exact needed quantity of the product. The applicator has a distinct shape (that’s why it’s called swan-neck), which confers maximum precision.


Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen, Clinique

You may wonder if it’s easy to apply: well you have your answer right in the product’s name – Pretty Easy! The eyeliner has an applicator with which you can draw smoother or thicker lines. The color is very pigmented, thus it doesn’t lose its intensity throughout the day.


Eyeliner, Guerlain

Why did I leave this eyeliner last? Because I simply adore it! I loved it from the very first moment – the vintage design of the tiny bottle captured me on the spot. And I was extremely happy when I tried it and saw that it’s so easy to use: it has a fine brush, with which you can effortlessly create an impeccable outline. Bottom line, you’ll adore it, too, I’m sure of it.

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