The Aviator sunglasses – from the cockpit to the catwalk

The coolest sunglasses and a few facts you surely didn't know about them

Robert De Niro wore them in Taxi Driver (1976). Ten years later, Tom Cruise, in Top Gun. And lots of other Hollywood stars – but also you and I, most likely a few days ago. But the story of the sunglasses called aviator and which are, today, a very chic accessory, began somewhere in the 30’s.
The first aviator sunglasses were created for pilots, and their role was to protect their eyes – from the cold, from the various particles in the atmosphere, and also from the sunlight. Basically, they were designed to ban the rays. It sounds a little bit familiar, isn’t it? Yes, you guessed it, it’s the name of the famous brand Ray-Ban.
Even though the first aviator sunglasses were promoted under the Ray-Ban brand, however they were invented by Bausch & Lomb, an American company specialized in eye health care products. Along the time, the glasses used once by pilots, even military ones, strictly for eye protection, have become a fashionable accessory. And, as I said at the beginning, Hollywood had a paramount influence in this story. The aviator shape had an incredible success also as it flatters both women and men, as almost any physiognomy. So it’s no wonder that now, nearly every brand of sunglasses has in its portfolio a model with this shape. What is different?Sometimes the color of the frames, other times that of the lenses. However, what we know with certainty is that the aviator sunglasses continue their journey and that their story will go on. Here’s why they represent a true investment.

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