The 7 reasons wine is considered healthy

… if you don't drink more than one glass a day

I’m not going to argue that alcohol is seriously damaging health. Besides, no any other kind of excess is good for us. But it seems that a glass of wine a day can get us benefits. Yeah, I just said one glass… I know we’re not only stopping at one, while partying, but we don’t have a party every night, so there’s no need to worry. Let’s focus on the glass we drink in the evening, after a long and full day. Well, there are studies that show that it’s quite a great, healthy habit. But, again, if consumed in moderate quantities.


  1. It fades wrinkles

Yes, it contains resveratrol, this magical ingredient we often find in the anti-aging cosmetics. So we can, obviously, say that a glass of wine is good for beauty!


  1. It improves memory

Of course, the condition is that you already have a pretty good memory, as good that you will remember to stop at one glass :). Now, seriously, it seems that the resveratrol is also responsible for that. Recent studies have showed that resveratrol increases the number of neural connections, which, ultimately, lead to the improvement of memory.


  1. It’s good for the heart

And I don’t mean a broken heart – although we don’t need particular studies to know that it helps even when we suffer out of love! However, the specialists claim that red wine, consumed in moderate quantities, may reduce the odds of a heart attack or a cerebral accident.


  1. It prevents cavities

Red wine, yes, may color your teeth, but, on the other hand, studies show that it reduces the number of damaging bacteria from the oral cavity. In short, a glass of wine at dinner can help to prevent cavities. No, it doesn’t substitute a visit to the dentist. And, of course, you still have to brush your teeth.


  1. It reduces stress

After a busy, frantic day, a glass of wine, savored in peace, relaxes you. It doesn’t matter what kind of wine – pick one you really like. However, it is said that red wine is the one that calms you, and that the white wine provides you with a boost of energy.


  1. It prevents a cold or a flu

Ah, then it’s the favorite “medicine” you can get! Now, all jokes aside, there are specialists who claim that wine, literally, kills various kinds of bacteria and viruses, thus keeping us out of the cold. Moreover, moderate wine consumption may increase your immunity.


  1. It’s an alternative to the gym

Well, I wanted to end up with something that makes you smile. Do you remember all those articles that claimed a glass of red wine is the equivalent of an hour spent at the gym? And then, the jokes of those who said they were proposing “to practice” more hours a day, not just one! Okay, there’s a little truth here. Resveratrol increases the heart rate and can improve your muscular performance. However, if you want to get some results, do not cancel your gym membership.


Cheers and don’t forget that all the benefits of wine are valid. Yet only in the case of a moderate consumption!

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